Thursday, February 6, 2014

The Greenpeace Little Monster Detox. Get on board!

Greenpeace have released a report highlighting the health risks associated with a number of kids clothing brands. Brands include Primark, Disney & adidas. 

Burberry WAS one of the brands on this list, however on the 28th of January Burberry committed to cleaning up their manufacturing processes to omit hazardous toxins from their clothes. 10 000 disgruntled tweeters from all over the world voiced their concerns through twitter to Burberry and the company was forced to make changes.     

The cartoons below display the hazardous toxins which can be found within clothes.

The detox campaign has been a 2 year long campaign

"The Detox campaign has united millions of people across the globe around a shared belief that the clothes we wear should not contain hazardous chemicals or cause toxic pollution. 

Together, we have been able to convince big brands including Zara, H&M and Valentino to commit to clean up their products and work with their suppliers to ensure that no more hazardous chemicals are used to make the clothes we wear.

"Nineteen global fashion leaders have committed to Detox in response to the growing international campaign (Nike, Adidas, Puma, H&N, M&S, C&A, Li-Ning, Zara, Mnago, Esprit, Levi's, Uniglo, Benetton, Victoria's Secret, G-Star Raw, Valentino, Coop, Canepa, Burberry). However, other clothing companies, like GAP, Primark and Disney still need to respond to the urgency of the situation, Detox their brands and help Detox our future." Greenpeace

More information about the toxins in the clothes you can find here

Sign the petition for toxic free clothing here 
Protest directly to brands through twitter here 

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  1. I sure hope this campaign can help get rid of the toxins in kids clothes and adults as well! No one should have harmful clothing!