"i give 2 hoots" is all about recognising those who engage in slow fashion practices. The slow fashion movement considers the ecological and/or ethical implications of the fashion industry on the environment and the well-being of people.

This is a blog which acknowledges and celebrates the many different ways in which we can work towards being ecologically and ethically responsible in fashion. Whether you are a creator, an enthusiast, a nostalgic or a minimalist.... or a mixture, we can all make a positive impact in our own unique way! Have a look at the table below to see where you fit!

'i give 2 hoots' features inspiring and brave people who are making a difference. So if you think that you fit into one of the 4 (or more) categories, please contact me via the 'CONTACT' page. I will review your request, and if I believe that you fit the criteria I will list you (and possibly) feature you on the blog. 

I hope that over time this blog will act as a resource and an inspirational tool for those who are looking to become apart of the slow fashion movement. I will also collect links to established and new companies who subscribe to the slow fashion movement.


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