Thursday, July 25, 2013

Ethical Fashion Show Berlin: If you do it right, it will last forever

In early July the Ethical Fashion Show came to Berlin! Embarrassingly enough, I have on occasions forgotten about fashion week in Berlin, and only realised when I thought 'There seems to be more trendy people on the streets. Oh it must be fashion week!'. Luckily enough Berlin Fashion week now features eco labels in the Ethical Fashion Show Berlin, so I did manage to make it to some public events.

Here are a selection of notable ethical designers who showcased their products at Ethical Fashion Show Berlin ewerk 2-4th July. 

 Fitness Wear by Prancing Leopard-
I have been searching for ethical sports wear for a while. Prancing Leopard have some great pieces. Loving these 3/4 leggings. Great for yoga and perhaps our marathon run in September. 

Recycled fashion from Mud Jeans - The Netherlands
After meeting the wonderful Christine from Very nice threads, she referred me onto this brand, Mud Jeans. They have developed a great concept where you rent their jeans and then after a period send the jeans back to them. They then recycle the thread to make a new pair of jeans. Genius!

Upcycled clothing from Aluc - Berlin
These guys are wonderfully passionate sustainable fashion designers! They design upcycled shirts (for guys and gals) and have some new items in their store. You can find their shop in Mitte Berlin or online here.

Sustainable underwear from AIKYOU - Germany

Aikyou produce some lovely organic/fair trade pieces and specialise in underwear. They produce quality items and also donate proceeds to the Global Volunteer Network. A win win purchase!

At the moment I am searching for inspiring sustainable labels to list under designers.
Any recommendations?

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