Thursday, May 16, 2013

CREATORS: Independent Sewing Pattern Companies

Photo: michael dooney

Sewing is certainly growing in popularity, which is really exciting! There are new sewing blogs, shops and courses starting up all over the world every week. Accompanying this rise in popularity are the independent sewing pattern company's. These indie companies produce dress patterns which are unique, personal and cater for specific styles and needs! Head over to Zoe's blog 'so... zo, what do you know?' as she has written a great post regarding the positives in sewing from independent patterns!

I must say that I hadn't really jumped on the indie pattern band wagon until recently. I have been sewing from my own patterns lately, but I must admit that I have enjoyed following the instructions and have learnt a few new sewing techniques, which is always a positive move! These patterns value personal sewing development and therefore tend to add a few tips here and there. Great for improving your sewing skills! 

The marvelous Meg from Meg Made This is an active creator and blogger who has been reviewing patterns for a while now. She has recently made some mens garments and is sharing her love for indie pattern companies by having a giveaway on her blog. The pattern is called Newcastle Cardigan from the Thread Theory. These guys will be releasing more mens patterns within the coming months, which is great news. I sew garments for my man, so I am happy to see more mens patterns out there!

 Head over to Meg Made This for her Thread Theory pattern giveaway!



  1. Thanks Mahaila! I, too, have been using patterns more lately. I have my eye on a few more, but trying to work through some other projects first!

  2. I love indie patterns! I don't mind paying a higher price for them because being a self-taught sewer I feel like each pattern is like a mini sewing lesson. And I know the results will be good!