Thursday, February 14, 2013

Hello & welcome to 'i give 2 hoots'. I am very excited to start a space which aims to acknowledge people's successes and inspire others to become involved in the slow fashion movement. 

Who am I?
I started the blog Fickle Sense with my sister in 2010. Fickle Sense has mainly featured my sewing/design ventures, my finance's awesome photography & everyday happenings. I also have my own Fickle Sense etsy store where I produce eco friendly accessories and garments.

Why start a slow fashion blog?
I believe that slow fashion is an absolute necessity for the fashion industry and it is the only way forward! I also believe that there are many different ways in which we can choose to be apart of the movement. That is why I have devised these four categories; creator, enthusiast, nostalgics, minimalist. Have a look at the table below!

What category do I fall into?
I would consider that I am a mixture.
1. A Creator.
I make nearly all of my own clothes & I make garments & accessories for my store 
2. An Enthusiast
I endeavour to source eco type textiles. I really try to use as much organic & fairtrade / or second hand materials as possible.
3. A Nostalgic
I go to markets and second hand stores to source garments for refashioning or (if it is the right size and style) to wear. 

Who can be listed on the blog?
Those of you who are engaging in activities which fall into any of these four 'i give 2 hoots' categories I would love to hear from you! I totally believe that there are so many people out there flying the slow fashion flag in their own way (maybe you don't even know that you are engaging in slow fashion practices). It is about time that we acknowledge those who are doing the right thing in there own way, and this is the space that is doing just that.   

Check out the ABOUT page to check out how to be included in 'i give 2 hoots'


  1. Aaaaah this is so exciting!! I'm a MINIMALIST! This inspires me to fit into the other categories too! Good job this is awesome :)

  2. Fantastic! I am an enthusiast. I have Fickle Sense linked in an upcoming blog post on making clothes. I will have to link I give 2 Hoots too! (PS don't get excited. My blog has very few readers.)

  3. I am mostly a Creator & an Enthusiast... sometimes the other two as well... just followed you via bloglovin' and looking forward to seeing more here! I'm inspired! I'll do a post on my blog soon!

  4. This is very cool! I sew for myself and my two girls...I suppose I am a creator- I sort of "unofficially" decided that I will not buy any clothes this year, and try to buy mostly sustainable/organic fabric for my sewing. I also buy my sewing patterns from small, indie designers, or make them myself. It's not really something I have announced or anything, you are the only person I have mentioned it to other than my husband. It's just something I feel good about and wanted to do for myself :)

  5. So excited to be included in this! Can't wait to see what people come up with! :)